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Unveiling Mr. Mardi Gras


Our wines and beers are a treat to your senses.
Colors harmonious with the hour of the day.
An air of wild excitement on the nose.
A delicious parade on the palate.
A magic zing on your feet.

The great taste etched in your memory.
And the unforgettable good time keeps rolling.

is unforgettable

Mr. MardiGras KING WINES
10.5% ABV; 100% Merry.

Strawberry Red Blend, our King Wine, is an expression of adventure and affection in a can.
The bold red wine blended with the juicy sweetness of ripe strawberries is a perfect icebreakerfor nice dates and naughty dares.
A good balance of bold and sweet will rule your senses and rock your hearts.

Hop on the merry-ferry
with our cabernet strawberry!

is unforgettable

Ignite bright-delight
with our Strawberry & White

10.5% ABV; 100% Fun.

Strawberry White Blend, our Queen Wine, is a spirit of joy in 12oz.
The sweetness of fruit wine paired with the crisp, elegant, and fresh taste of white wine is ideal to kickstart warm get-togethers and wonderful celebrations.

Its refined taste is a toast to your senses and spirit.

Getting Together
is unforgettable

6.8% ABV; 100% Cheer

You got the cheer, we got two beers: Mr. MardiGras Lager and India Pale Ale (IPA).
Our light, crisp Lager is mellow and smooth. Our fruity, piney IPA bursts with hop flavour, aroma, a tinge of bitterness, and a lot of character. Best enjoyed with your krewe between hurrahs, sighs, oohs and aahs.

Three cheers to your wins and our beers.

Amp up sheer-cheer
with our Jester Beers

Live unforgettable.
Let the good times roll.

is unforgettable

No Bs. Pure fun.

You want the fun and the wines? Show us you want it. Join the community of party lovers. Give your email address. You will be the first few to join the Mr Mardigras Wine Club. We will keep you posted when we launch it.


A Private Label from Juju Labs Inc.
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Campbell, CA 95008

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